Evénements spéciaux

Journée InterLabex 2023

On The July 11, 2023

à 9h30, Amphi de l'INL
Bâtiment Irène Joliot Curie sur le campus de La doua

The Labex Manutech SISE and the Labex iMUST are proposing a scientific exchange day to bring together the two communities (surface engineering and physics/chemistry) of the Lyon and Saint-Etienne sites. The aim of the day is to exchange information on the respective instruments and expertise of the partners involved and to initiate reflection on an Inter-Labex site project, based on the fundamentals of each Labex.

The day will be devoted to presentations of the platforms (and equipment) and the scientific areas of the two Labex, encouraging informal exchanges as much as possible, through oral presentations, posters, lunch and feedback.
The genesis of the first Inter-Labex 2022 project, PHOTONIL, will also be described by its sponsors.
This day is scheduled for 11/07/2023 on the Lyon site (Amphi de l'INL - Bâtiment Irène Joliot Curie Doua campus).

Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory before June 27, 2023 : s'inscrire

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