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The committees

The governance of the Labex iMUST is ensured by a coordinator (Julien Leclaire - ICBMS UMR 5246) assisted by a Bureau ensuring the interdisciplinary representation of the Labex. It relies on a Steering Committee in charge of local strategy, as well as two external committees: the Scientific Committee and the Board of Directors.

The managing board

It is in charge of the operational functioning of the Labex.
Composition: K. Masenelli-Varlot (Materials Laboratory: Engineering and Science - MATEIS), Christophe Ybert (ILM), E. Bourgeat-Lami (CP2M), J. Leclaire (ICBMS) as well as A. Bonnard who manages the interactions with the teams and ensures the implementation and promotion of the Labex actions.

The managing committee

It defines the strategy, the actions to be carried out, as well as the outline of the calls for projects, and ensures the final validation of the projects selected following the opinion of the Scientific Committee. It is composed of the Bureau and members of the Labex representing its three main disciplines (Chemistry, Engineering, Physics): three members per discipline, including the members of the Bureau, as well as Mr. Broyer (Prof. Emeritus iLM), the Labex project leader. It meets once a month.
  • M. Broyer,
  • Chemistry : E. Bourgeat-Lami (Catalyse, Polymérisation, Procédés et Matériaux - CP2M), A. Padua (Laboratoire de Chimie de l’ENS Lyon), C. Pinel (IRCELyon), J. Leclaire (ICBMS)
  •  Engineering
    : M. Lance (Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d’Acoustique – LMFA), K. Masenelli-Varlot (Laboratoire Matériaux : Ingénierie et Science – MATEIS), A. Gravouil (LaMCoS), C. Seassal (INL)
  • Physics : N. Del Fatti (iLM), S. Santucci (Laboratoire de Physique de l’ENS Lyon), C. Ybert (iLM), F. Vallee (iLM)

Board of directors

It brings together representatives (directors) of research units and heads of iMUST partner federations. An annual meeting aims to exchange on the actions implemented by the labex and to identify new themes for calls for projects. The board also intervenes in the context of the renewal of copil members.

The scientific committee

It issues opinions on the projects submitted to the various Labex calls, as well as recommendations on the content of these calls and on scientific guidelines. It brings together ten external experts, French and international, proposed by the steering committee. To ensure sufficiently broad disciplinary coverage, its members come from the three main disciplines of the Labex and are recognized experts in its five scientific fields: Catalysis and Processes, Functional Materials, Complex Fluids and Interfaces, Modelling and Simulation, Instrumentation and Characterization. The scientific committee meets at least once a year.

Download the list of the members of the scientific committee

The steering committee

It allows a dialogue between the Labex and its various partners on the orientations taken and on its strategy with regard to those of the establishments and structures. It makes recommendations on the various operations carried out within the Labex. It is made up of representatives of the heads of the establishments (University of Lyon, UCB Lyon1, Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne University, INSA, ENS-Lyon, ECL, CPE), the three CNRS institutes involved (INC, INSIS and INP), the Axelera competitiveness cluster, the Carnot I@L Institute, and industrialists (Solvay, Saint Gobain, IFP Energies Nouvelles, ArianeGroup). It is composed of representatives of the ANR (French National Research Agency) and the heads of the establishments. It meets once a year.

Download the list of members of the Board of  Directors

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