Scientific results

Creation of the start'up MeCaWare on the 23rd of December

On The February 17, 2020

Creation of the start MECAWARE, led by Arnaud VILLERS d'ARBOUET.

Recycling of technological products, especially batteries, to recover critical metals and rare earths (lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, lanthanum, etc.) in an environmentally friendly way. This patented eco-efficient breakthrough innovation allows selective extraction of metals, based on research carried out by Julien LECLAIRE at the Lyon Applied Supramolecular Chemistry Laboratory (ICBMS: UCBL, INSA Lyon, CPE Lyon, CNRS) and the Marseille Institute of Molecular Sciences.
Acronym of MEtal CApture for WAste REcycling, Mecaware thus contributes to the implementation of the European new generation battery industry in a logic of circular economy and industrial sovereignty.